Rhetoric Application Essay

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Growing up, the world of mathematics and science has always intrigued me. I have always preferred to calculate definite integrals rather than talk about the Gilded Age, and I will choose to read about NASA’s latest discoveries over Shakespearean sonnets any day of the week. I felt I could delve into the concepts of Calculus and Newtonian Physics more easily than Carnegie’s Gospel of Wealth and Shakespeare’s iambic pentameter. I saw myself devoted to the fields pertaining to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) and aspired to pursue a career where I could apply my fascination into the field of engineering. When I walked into AP English Language & Composition at the start of my junior year, however, I realized my interests…show more content…
I incorrectly assumed that rhetorical analysis would parallel the methods of analysis of graphs or free-body diagrams so on my first rhetorical analysis essay I struggled. Given complete freedom in an analytical situation, I panicked and consequently hit writer’s block. I have been used to analyzing data within the constraints of physics, not analyzing non-fictional prose within the constraints of my own judgment. As one could probably infer, I did not do well on that essay. Resilient, I immediately became determined to improve and conquer the rhetorical analysis, partly because to remove the atrocious grade from my report card. I quickly learned that rhetorical analysis required some unique critical thinking, different from an analysis of a pie chart or a position versus time graph. Rhetorical analysis did not require a single, definite answer; these essays often possessed a myriad of correct answers. I figured out that I needed to be open minded and impartial in order to view a piece of written work as a whole to see all the possibilities and applications of rhetoric. I also realized becoming more observant and scrutinizing every single, minute detail helped expand the extent of my
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