Rhetoric Essay On Teenagers And Naps

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Jason Rony
Professor Sand
English 111
28 August 2017
Rhetoric Paper Homework: Teenagers and Naps Most people know that a short nap of 20-40 minutes can be beneficial. Nevertheless, most still do not take any naps. People have a false preconception that naps are only for children, the elderly, and lazy people. However, this is not the case. Naps can be incredibly useful for teenagers. These short naps help the teenagers to clear their heads and mentally prepare themselves for their tasks ahead. Most importantly, naps give teenagers the necessary energy to finish off the day. A short 30-minute nap can give many hours of alertness and productivity.
Naps can improve your focus, alertness, performance, and your mood (NSF). “A study at NASA on sleepy
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This pressure can be too overwhelming for some, and they cannot keep up with the pressure. These teenagers sometimes drop out of school and/or pick up bad habits like alcohol or drugs. There needs to be more ways to handle this pressure to succeed so teenagers do not get overpowered. One simple way I use to release this pressure is to take naps.
Naps can give teenagers joy, comfort, and calm our minds down. All the stress piled up from the pressures of success fades away as we nap. This stress released though the nap can cause visible improvements in attitude for teenagers. Every time I nap, I get in a happier mood since I am more alert and focused.
During my freshman year in high school, there were so many things different than middle school. At first, I was excited, but then that excitement shifted to dread. This dread came from the pressures of high school. I was scared that if I did poorly in school, my performance would affect the college I go to and the job I will get. The one thing that helped me keep focus the most was naps. These naps kept me alert so when I did my work, I was able to do it with the best of my abilities by not being tired while working on it. Naps have helped me do well during my teenager school career so far, and I have faith they will still help me in years to
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