Rhetoric In Health Care

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Rhetoric, the art of using written, spoken, and body language to persuade another. Often by way of hyperbole, a figure of speech which involves exaggerated statements, emotional or motivational appeal, and logic to support a claim. In politics today, the use of rhetoric has become more evident in the fight to repeal and replace Obamacare. Trump promises to Americans a better healthcare at a fraction of a cost. However, this battle for healthcare came to an obstruct halt, when House Republicans decide to pull the plug on Trumpcare. In the YouTube video presented in this lecture, "President Trump Speaks About Decision to Pull Health Care Bill (3/24/2017)." I will explore the rhetoric Trump uses to defend his failed American Health Care Act.…show more content…
According to Matthew Yglesias article, "Donald Trump 's belief that Obamacare is exploding is false and self-destructive" Yglesias explains that "Like a lot of Trump 's public policy thinking, the notion of a self-destructing Affordable Care Act appears to be a piece of deliberately misleading conservative political rhetoric that Trump may be taking literally." He went on to describe various aspect of the law that was flawed and beneficial to the American people to further explain that Obamacare is far from…show more content…
Love him or hate him, Donald Trump is a master when it comes to rhetoric and he knows how to appeal the frustrated masses even when it 's unjustified. But, the real issue is a true affordable health care for all Americans. Clearly, Trumpcare is not the answer nor, is Obamacare. It has many flaws but, it 's best system working for now. I do believe that the "The Blame Game" should stop when it comes the wellbeing of Americans as suggested by the conclusion of the lecture. There are many advantages to Trumpcare especially for young healthy Americans like me who cannot afford a hefty insurance premiums but, at the same, I would hate to see my retired mother lose her health care. Likewise, I love the fact that my mother can afford her health care but, hate having the government force me to buy insurance because of Obamacare. If our government decide to put aside politics, and work for the of the people, rather than their pockets, then the possible solution the blame game might
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