Rhetoric In The Workplace

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“He just doesn 't have a speaking presence,” she said.
Based off of speaking skills alone, a high school teacher of mine would predict winners of elections and she, unsurprisingly, was rarely wrong.
It is undeniable that being able to articulate yourself is becoming increasingly important in the workplace, and not to mention personal life, which makes the Rhetoric major invaluable.
Although rhetoric can mean a host of different things, for the purpose of this piece, I mean it to be the study of the effective use of language. A study that is often neglected until a communication issue arises. I would suggest that, instead of waiting for a problem to arise, the rhetoric major can help employ a workforce better equipped for team work.
The American
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I 'm sure we 're all familiar with the phrase “Don 't assume, it makes an “ass” out of “u” and “me”. I can 't exactly guarantee what assuming will make you or your partner, but it most certainly isn 't the best way to maintain a relationship, simply because it involves not using your words, and instead supposing you know exactly how people are feeling.
Dr. John Grohol Psy. D. of Psych Central, lists that two of the main reasons couples don 't work out is because they one, stop talking, and two, stop expressing their feelings. Some of the greatest rhetoricians can not only express clearly,but also with great emotion what they mean and feel. Sure, you might not be trying to persuade your girlfriend of anything monumental, or sell her on a business contract, but potent language will keep her aware of how you both really are. A good relationship is built on communication.
People simply cannot communicate well without a good knowledge of rhetoric and how their words effect others. The rhetoric major is a powerful tool that will train a new generation of students to not only effect their workplace, but also their personal lives. Simply put, rhetoric improves the two basic structures of society, work and home, how could such a skill not be useful or valuable. A world that is able to articulate themselves better will hopefully encourage mutual understanding and
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