Rhetoric Speech In The Midst Of The Civil Rights Movement

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Rhetoric speeches usually talk about an issue in the current society, and the speaker uses the speech as a tool to persuade the audience to try and change that issue or at least reconsider it. Appealing to the audience is done in a number of ways, such as being relatable, using short and effective sentences, having reason and facts to back up your argument, being repetitive to make clear the most important message, and so on. There are many great rhetoric speeches that changed history, but I’m going to focus on two speeches presented in this section. Martin Luther King Jr’s “I Have a Dream” speech from 1963 is often used for an example of an effective rhetoric speech, and was very active in the midst of the Civil Rights movement. Luther King Jr achieved this by using inclusive and considering language, he never once separated the two races in his speech, the Americans and African Americans. Instead he considered a humanity as a…show more content…
She says that a major problem is how we raise children and the circumstances surrounding that. She considers that most children become adults and to be successful adults you need to be raised right and given good opportunities as a child. She says that a solution to this would be making a law that requires a parent to pass a test that ensures they would be a good parent. Having enough money, the couple being in love, and more. She also appeals to women by suggesting that many are forced to have children when they don’t necessarily want to and have no choice of being successful on their own because they have to raise a child. Possibly one of the most effective aspects in this speech is the analogy she uses, comparing raising a child to growing a garden. The plant needs specific things in order to grow and reach its full potential, like good roots and
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