Rhetoric-The Potential Of Rhetoric

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The Potential of Rhetoric The more cunning sides of rhetoric have coined a negative reputation for the art of persuasion, which has been relegated as the manipulation of politicians in modern society. However, the tools that rhetoric provides have also granted leaders a medium in which they may guide their flock effectively and a form of higher communication where arguments can be proposed without violence – precisely what the very pillars of society are constructed upon. Although the essence of persuasion lies in manipulation, the principles of argument use the instruments of language for the better of society. Evidence of rhetoric shaping nations and society and examples from historical events indicate the value of rhetoric as a learning standard for students in high school education. As an academic norm, language has played a role in …show more content…

Learning to manipulate language and wield rhetoric is not only entrusted to politicans – rhetoric can be the vehicle for all peoples to become effective and capable leaders, innovators in their craft. The art of persuasion can be used to deter others from making mistakes and to seduce them into agreeing with your beliefs – witnessed during Hitler’s Nazi Party campaign during World War II. The value of rhetoric lies in the ability to persuade – from persuasion, wars can arise and laws erected, for better or worse – and through the teachings of this ancient art, powerful orators can be made. Teaching the fundamentals of rhetoric to students in high school, therefore, is valuable because the principles behind controlling language to suit one’s purpose can procure capable leaders, able to discern the influence of rhetoric in the structure of society so that they may utilize the principles of language for the better of

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