Rhetoric: What´s Scientific Knowledge?

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Science is a set of knowledge of a particular subject. Science can change and new info and perspectives of the subject are added with each discovery. Science is also distinguished by other forms of understanding because it encapsulates many findings from others so we can have the most probable facts about the subject. Science has impacted the ways we live in. New findings and discoveries shape what we buy, consume, use ets… For example The Radium Girls who contracted radiation poisoning from the self-luminous paint they used on clocks and other furniture shaped us into not using carnotite ore to make fluorescent furniture. Also studies that we read make us change our habits mostly out of fear of certain consequence. For example Studies that say that eating junk food will make you gain weight, some people…show more content…
Rhetoric helps us accept and introduce new scientific discoveries which are then accepted or denied in our culture and our communities. The way we try to persuade and convenience new discoveries is used in Rhetoric to try to gain a better understandment in new discoveries. We might be ambiguous with scientific knowledge because we are too comfortable and “secure” with our technologies. We feel that we could look up anything on our phones, but without them we are very vulnerable. Like with the exercise we did in class, we tried to guess but just to be sure some of us looked for the answers on Google.Another possible explanation is that there are many sources that say different things that we don 't know who to believe. Science matters because it 's a part of who we are and its shapes us into who we want to be. Science helps us learn and make new discoveries that help us and others. Science is a tool that we all contribute directly, with our different perspectives and facts we can reach conclusions that will help
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