Rhetoric Writing In Kenneth Burke's Novel V For Vendetta

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Burke is explaining how rhetorical writing needs to be identified first to be understood. Depending on the rhetorical writing and how the author changes up what happens with the main characters, the writing is not intended to persuade. When the main characters within the text are understood then it's decided whether the argument is on that person. Since humans are divided in the way of thinking and how they have different personalities the identification of motives helps them believe that they aren't divided and that they are connected somehow. Everyone is his or her own individual but through identification, through rhetoric, we can think that we see ourselves in another person or group but even if we don’t the fact that we still
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Since Burke is always talking about identity in the rhetoric writing, one of the main characters V is who always keeps us the reader in suspense because he always seemed to keep his identity hidden with a mask. In England after a nuclear war the government became so corrupt trying to get passed all the outcomes of the war. The corruption of the war in which V was against, this allowed him to do whatever he could even if it required violence and put people's lives in risk, just to try to stop all the corruption that the government was creating. V did a few good things like the time he saved Every’s life from the finger men who were out to kill her. She herself was in shock because she didn’t come to think that the man who doesn't even know her and who hides his identity would decide to save her life. She was confused about what had happened and seemed so curious to find out what kind of person V really was, he saved her life. This is what Burke was saying about how the identification through rhetoric can make a person believe they are similar to the other individual’s even though; they might not be. Which is what Every thought the moment she met V and he saved her life. Moreover, In the V for vendetta the government was controlling everything and taking advantage of their power they did what they pleased. As it happened throughout the novel we also live it in our everyday
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