Rhetorical Analysis

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Paul Hunter, a foreign correspondent with CBC’s The National made several key points on ethical and legal challenges that we may face throughout our journalism careers. The first key point was regarding the way we approach subjects. About a week into his job at CBC, Hunter was faced with the task of calling a family that had been involved in a bus crash, and exploiting their story for television ratings. His advice was to approach subjects in a way where they know why they should and should not agree to the interview and give them time to think about it. Hunter called back 20 minutes later and got the interview because of the way he approached them. I picked this point because it teaches me that the way a journalist approaches people can…show more content…
Forest worked on a BP oil spill documentary that focused on the after affects of people’s health. He, along with his producer, found a woman who had a hole in her brain because of the after effect. She was perfect for the piece because she could draw a straight line from what happened at the incident to her health problem. Although she agreed to take part in the interview, they got the impression that she wasn’t the strongest person and that she might say things she didn’t mean. We touched upon this in lecture when we discussed how there can be a skewing of facts due to sources being over-emotional. They said no to her because they believed it was in her best interests to not be on TV. Although their stories suffered, she’s probably better as a result. This ethical dilemma is portrayed in Rushworth Kidder’s Four Ethical Paradigms, where truth versus loyalty are put against each other. Truth is conformity with facts or reality and loyalty involves allegiance to a person. Kidder also describes different ways of thinking about ethical decisions. In this case, I believe the care based way of thinking is what helps Forest make his decision because it is associated with the Golden Rule. I picked this point because it portrays a true ethical dilemma and teaches a valuable lesson. This lesson is that journalists may have to put people before their story. It’s important to think these situations over and make choices that not only benefit your career, but also

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