Rhetorical Analysis: A Soldier's View On Trump

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The Warrior Ethos is to never leave a fallen comrade, to fight all threats of any and all Americans; both foreign and at home. When a soldier sees something wrong, a threat to the way of life, he or she stands up and takes action. Donald Trump states that U.S. soldiers “would blindly ignore their oath, their training and their conscience to follow what were clearly illegal, unethical and immoral orders.” In the article A Soldier 's View on Trump, the author Mark Hertling uses pathos, epiphany, anecdotes, and common themes to get people to agree with his opinions about Donald Trump. Mark Hertling talked about his life in the military. He mentioned how it had an impact on his life, saying that the horrifying things he saw there happens in his dreams. He also says that he knew when people needed to be disciplined. The military knows what is right and wrong and knows when to be disciplined when they do something wrong. Mark says, “I had such a visceral reaction to one candidate who stated that the…show more content…
The anecdote was a real life story about how he was in war. He said it was horrific and terrifying. Which made the point that donald would not do well because of him not listening to veterans. These personal stories give a personal connection to the reader giving them a feeling of personal disbelief. Another Rhetorical device is theme. The Author, Mark Hertling, is a retired Lieutenant General who has served for thirty-seven years in the U.S. Army, he gets his point across by sharing his view of our soldiers as a whole. Hertling shows this by saying this “no matter who the President is, that person never has the authority to ‘order’ members of the Armed Forces to violate the Uniformed Code of Military Justice, their ethos, their oath or the international law of land combat.” He wrote this article to explain that Trump doesn’t know what he is talking about when it comes to the U.S.
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