Rhetorical Analysis: A Wish Is Not Enough

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A Wish is Not Enough
Most Shocking Second a Day Video it is based on a little girl’s life change. This visual argument shows how in an exact year a Syrian girl’s life completely falls apart because of the war. It shows how the development of an armed conflict negatively impacts the life of a child. In just one minute and thirty-three seconds this advertisement managed to represent the situation that many kids are facing. The rhetorical appeals and the compositional features of the video make the audience feel touched by the experience of the little girl making the argument effective. Nevertheless, it fails to support logos making pathos and ethos the most important appeals of the argument.
Starting with the design and compositional features,
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The entire advertisement it is focused on evoking a response of empathy and compassion for the girl. Again, the face of the girl is strongly related to this appeal because the audience feels touched by her suffering. Also, it is very hard to see how the happiness of the girl diminishes and turns into sorrow. For example, the advertisement starts with the girl celebrating her birthday and everybody singing “Happy Birthday”, after that the mother says “Make a wish” and the girl blows the candles of a pretty decorated cake. In contrast, at the end the mother sings her the same song but this time the girl is completely devastated and there is only a lonely candle on top of a metallic plate containing some food. At this point, the emotiveness of the argument it is clearly stated but again the mother whispers “Make a whish darling” making the audience feel brokenhearted. Additionally, this is the point on which the girl looks directly to the camera instead of blowing the candle appealing to the audience by producing a sense of direct interaction with the kid, in other words, the little girls look directly to the person watching the ad and evokes the expected response. When talking about ethos, at the end of the advertisement the name and logo of the organization are showed. In this case, Save the Children’s organization provides the credibility of the advertisement because it is a nonprofit
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