Rhetorical Analysis Argument

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As a reader one has to know what to look for and identify the main idea and understand what the author is trying to argue. Before taking Writing 10 I felt I was a good reader and able to identify the main idea in a prompt, but little did I really know. After going through the research process and trying to identify reliable sources I have essentially cut out the unnecessary information and I go straight to the idea or argument being made by the author. As of before, I would focus on every detail of the writing. Having been assigned readings and having discussions about the readings during class, I soon realized that writing is about an argument being made with supporting evidence. And as a reader it is my job to identify the argument being made. One way I was able to assess an article and interpret it rhetorical appeals was in my Rhetorical Analysis.…show more content…
The argument being made in this particular article was the idea that essentially women in Chemistry go through obstacles that men do not have to go through. I was able to identify the argument being made by reading the article multiple times and understanding the difference between the argument being made and the supporting evidence. After understanding what the article was about, I then started to look at how the evidence was given in terms of rhetorical appeals. I noticed the article had a lot more pathos appeals than any other rhetorical appeals, which gave me a red flag. I began to understand what the author was trying to do (convince the reader), and began to look at potential sources in this
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