Rhetorical Analysis Of Bless Me Ultima

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Rudolfo Anaya is Hispanic-American from New Mexico. He grew up young in a small village then, they later moved to the city. They had a new modern begining in which Rudolfo into somewhat a cholo, while living in New Mexico. “ It is because good is always stronger than evil. Always remember that, Antonio. The smallest bit of good can stand against all the powers of evil in the world and it will emerge triumphant.” Bless Me, Ultima was written in the early 1960’s. So it is not all that old. I saw that it was written in a more setting, being that it is nearly half a century old. I believe that his cholo style surrounding has showed him how to decipher the difference between good and evil. He somewhat has seen it all, all the bad in the streets are scary and dangerous, The being said, he also sees the beauty in the good. When you are down low and the light comes it is brighter in the eyes of the hurt. Rudolfo grew up in southern New Mexico, he was kind of like a cholo in his culture and was kind of rugged. This show his surroundings environment was hard on him, he went from living in a small village to…show more content…
It shows how tempting the bad can be. Believe it or not, good doesn’t always win. Depending on the strength of the person who defines you as your true self. As long as you have faith in yourself out of trouble and make the correct choices. Many should not let the bad people affect how people live their lives. Only the person themselves can decide who they really are and what they are capable of. Many firmly believe that strength is the key to everything. Critics agree it shows that good always wins if they let the good in. Family will always have each others back when it comes down to it. The sister will save the brother. The bond between the two is inseparable and she feels as if she must protect her partner in crime. She really loves her
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