Rhetorical Analysis Elephant

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Would you have ever thought that elephants are much smarter than what they are believed to be? Well, they definitely are because shown in recent experiments, and as shown in the different selections, elephants have had better results than other competing animals. In the video, “Elephants Show Cooperation”, by Discovery Channel the article, “Elephants Can Lend A Helping Trunk,” by Virginia Morell and the passage, “Elephants Know When They Need A Helping Trunk In A Cooperative Task,” by Joshua M. Plotnik. All three pieces of information give the reader an overview about the experiment, while conveying information to the reader in their own unique way. All three selections show information about the experiment, and show the information in…show more content…
In the passage, the reader will notice a tone that is serious, informational, and formal. At one point in the passage it states, “In training trials, a mahout would walk with his elephant to the single available rope end and train his animal to pick up and pull the rope by using vocal commands,” (4). This shows the author of the passage was giving out information in a formal tone because he was giving straight information about the training trials of the elephants. Unlike the passage, the article has a more engaging conversational tone. In the article it says, “Elephants know when they need to lend a helping hand- or rather trunk,” (1). In this sentence it shows the author is trying more to connect with the reader by adding humor rather than just stating facts. Different from both other sources, the video has a narrator who is more enthusiastic and informal about the topic. “Chimps and dolphins move over at the smart table, the elephant needs a seat!” (0:01-0:07). The narrator of the video spoke very quickly and enthusiastically when saying his opening joke to the topic. Throughout the video he maintained an energetic tone of voice when speaking about the experiment. Each form that the information was given had a different tone which made some more easy to comprehend than
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