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Strong is Beautiful! In the magazine essence from October 2011 the hair product Pantene shows a picture of a beautiful African American woman with flawless hair. The advertisement also shows a piece of hair that does not show any breakage at all. It also contains all kind of sayings that pursue women to believe that this product will fix their hair breakage. The ethos shown in the advertisement is how the woman has a smile that shows her confidence you can tell how satisfied she is with herself. This advertisement is approaching women that want to have flawless hair because it promising to end hair breakage and to gain strong, healthy hair, using pathos as the main target for this audience. The ethos approached to credibility in the…show more content…
This image would make women believe that the product would make them be satisfied in their own skin and their hair would be flawless. The fact that the woman in the image shown is African American it would reach out to African American women to try out the product. Africa American women would not feel excluded since not all products that are out in the market can be used by them because their hair is not the same type as the other woman that belong to a different race. The logos in the advertisement of the product are indicated on the written part that “breakage to strength” is meant to be used in all types of hair: Fine, Medium-Thick, Curly and even Color- Treated. The product supposed to help the buyer get the best look of their hair, by protecting the hair’s natural Keratin structure as they wash and style. It also promises to prevent future hair breakage and to repair the breakage that the hair already contains.” Say goodbye to excess breakage and hello to strong, healthy hair with the Breakage to Strength System”. This saying is suggesting that the product will give you strong and healthy hair and erase all breakage in your hair. Barrios

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