Rhetorical Analysis Essay On Adbusters

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Adbusters are known for culture jamming big brands to illustrate politics and satirical views of well-known companies. One of the companies to use as the best example is McDonald’s, which is often targeted by Adbusters and other culture jamming artists for their “toxic” and unhealthy food. This particular image, called The Special Ingredients, that Adbusters jams, is a painting of McDonald’s food, however, instead if having its signature, golden arc on the container of the fries, the artist replaces it with a biohazard symbol. This small symbol indicates two main issues; the unhealthiness of McDonald’s product, and the possibility of their food containing toxins. This painting is very minimalistic, it doesn’t indicate anywhere that it is McDonald’s fast food, yet, it the container of…show more content…
It was a smart move on Adbusters, to use the most well known fries container with the signature red and yellow to let their audience know that this is a satire aimed at McDonald’s. The biohazard sign and the syringe really brings the audience to question the company and to see the dark side of the food industry and what it can cause. However, as much as this painting is successful, it would have been better if Adbusters also added some kind of toxic symbol on the cup of the drink. If there was an element to it, it would be a great way to let the viewers know that it is not just McDonald’s product that is unhealthy, but also shines light on the soda industry and their politics on food. Overall, this image is minimalistic, but surely gets the message across sublimely to persuade society from consuming McDonald’s. This painting depicts the flaws of fast food industry and let everyone knowns that McDonald does not care about people’s health and how the food is made. Rather, it shows that this company is willing to choose the big bucks over
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