Rhetorical Analysis Essay On Never Cry Wolf

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Mowat’s Rhetorical Strategies The book “Never Cry Wolf” is about a scientists who goes into a flat tundra in northern Canada to study wolves. The scientists name is Farley Mowat, and he explains in the book that wolves aren't savage beasts. He has many different ways of doing so at first he found out that it’s not even the wolves who have been killing the caribou it’s the eskimos in the area who have sled dogs to feed along with themselves. In the book Mowat finds out that the wolves are actually only eating the sick caribou and field mice. Mowat gives factual evidence that the wolves aren’t savage killers. In the book the wolves never even attacked Mowat. At one point Mowat was trying to spy on the wolves, but they were watching him from…show more content…
He also usually doesn’t carry weapons when he goes out to watch wolves he didn’t even carry any weapons into the wolves den. Mowat works for the government, and knows that they won’t believe him if he said that the wolves weren’t killing all of the caribou so he has to lie about the amount of caribou being killed by the wolves. These reasons are why you can trust Mowat about the wolves. Emotionally Mowat gets kinda weird toward one of the wolves that he named Angeline he pretty much falls in love with her. It can also be humorous because he runs through the forest chasing the wolves naked, and an eskimo lady Ootek’s friend thought that Mowat was in danger so her and her children went running at him with knives and spears(195). There is also some fear in the book at the beginning people in Churchill were spreading rumors about the wolves because they were scared, and at the end when Mowat went into the wolf den he and the wolves were scared. Clearly the wolves aren’t just out to kill they are just like any other animal they kill to survive. If wolves are savage killers then obviously so are humans, or birds... humans go hunting, and birds eat mice. It’s just the way it
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