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Rhetorical Analysis I alter use in the body paragraphs in order to show how Andy ( a lower class character) is an example of “heredity” since he takes over his late father’s position at the coal mine. In other words, the way I use quotes in my Rhetorical Analysis demonstrate that I have learned to take in consideration all parts of the quotes. Even though I have improved in considering all parts of the quote when using them as supporting evidence, I actually got to notice that I make arguments that are more than what I can possibly support with evidence from the text. This issue was pointed out to me in the comments left in by Dr. Danner. This problem in my writing was pointed out in my Rhetorical Analysis when I wrote, “under…show more content…
For my Building Block essay, it was definitely unclear to me how to cite correctly in the MLA format, which also affected my credibility as a writer. I incorrectly quoted the cameo passage that said, “‘Unavoidable catastrophe…(O shrink, super’s nephew, fire boss that let the gas collect)...rushing equipment...bending every effort...sparing no save―or to recover the bodies…”’ (Olsen 29). I quoted this piece of the passage incorrectly because I did not know how to quote a quote within a quote, but the advice of Dr. Danner to look at Purdue Owl was helpful in order to learn how to do it; I learned that need to put a pair of normal quotation marks and replace the normal quotation marks of the quote with single quotation marks. Also, for this same quote, I put (Olsen, 29) instead of (Olsen 29) to indicate where this quote was coming from. Once again, Purdue Owl helped me with this problem because I was able to see that I do not need a comma to separate the author’s last name from the page number of the book. Therefore, for my Rhetorical Analysis I was able to cite my sources correctly because I was more familiarized with the correct MLA format. However, while doing this cover page, I notice that I forgot the quotation mark at the beginning of Lauter’s quote that says, “Modernism rests on the belief that the artist is...more sensitive, even more heroic, than the average person” (Lauter 888). For this quote I actually wrote, Modernism rests on the belief that the artist is...more sensitive, even more heroic, than the average person”, which is missing the quotation mark at the beginning. Also, I actually forgot to cite this quote, which I do not think that I have a justification for this lack of responsibility for my part. I do acknowledge that MLA continues to be an issue for me, however, I do believe
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