Rhetorical Analysis

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Persuasion makes it’s way into almost every communication event I can think of. Either I’m trying to persuade someone or they are trying to persuade me. My dad was a connoisseur in the art of rhetoric. I observed him manipulate the english language to his benefit on many occasions. He would talk people into buying vehicles, electronics, and just about anything he could make a profit on, he would talk people into giving him discounts in stores and restaurants, it was amazing to watch him, however seeing him persuade so many others made me very cautious to being persuaded. Nonetheless, recently I found myself in a situation where I was the persuadee and the persuader, a local dog breeder, created such emotion within his argument that I found…show more content…
The dog breeder had two litters both from the same sire but different mothers. He was trying to persuade me into purchasing the pups, he stated they could be bred as long as the mother was different. Prior to most purchases I research to get my facts, my aptitude is usually high within the topic and I am usually well prepared. This occasion, however my aptitude level was low, I didn't know if this was possible, would this render the dogs useless as far as the breeding realm was concerned. The breeder proceeded by explaining his rational, giving me the message in detail I believed him as he was credible in my mind, then he brought out the puppies and placed them in my hands. My emotions were high, this guy was good. Ethos (credibility) check, Pathos (emotion) check and Logos (the persuaders argument, very logical) check. I was doomed, my cognizance level was low because I didn't have the experience or education that related to the topic which rendered my aptitude level low. I desired these cute little puppies, this implied my salience levels were high, I was also predisposed to agreeing with what the breeder said, my valence level was high as
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