Rhetorical Analysis For Americans To Vote Early

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With November eighth approaching fast, political parties are making their last-ditch efforts to sway voters in their favor. In order for the parties to know whether their tactics are working or not, they need to know the polling results. Therefore, both parties are pushing for voters to vote early, so they can see who is leading in the polls. This allows people to predict who will win. That is why President Barack Obama uses a commercial to call voters to vote early. Due to the fact that it is nearing November eighth, this is an opportune time for him to make appeals to United States’ citizens. To support his request, he uses his position as President to sway people to vote. He also uses humor and even pokes fun at Vice President Joe Biden to make the people vote. While those appeals may be enough to convince people to cast their ballot early, he also uses the rhetorical fallacies of bandwagon and stacking the deck to make voters feel like that they should cast their ballot early, since everyone is, and only shows his side of the argument. Thus through ethos, pathos, kairos, and the rhetorical fallacies of bandwagon and stacking the deck, President Barack Obama effectively gets United States’ citizens to vote early.
President Barack Obama definitely understands the election process. He has won the Presidential
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He states that ”millions of people are doing it”, thus making everyone else who has yet to vote to feel like they should cast their vote before November eighth (“President’’ 1:13). Another rhetorical fallacy he uses is stacking the deck. Throughout the whole commercial, the President does not present an opposition, or even an acknowledgment, of voting on the designated voting day. Instead, he discusses why you should vote early, and even gives three simple steps on how to vote early. Therefore, Obama only offers one side of the argument to the
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