Reflective Essay On Rhetorical Analysis Teacher

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Rhetorical Analysis Teacher Draft Many people believe that writing is a way to explain feelings of the people and thoughts. Well, how people write effectively? Rheotic is the way to write effectively if you can use it effectively. In my opinion, rhetoric has a lot of meaning that is skill or work such as readable, curious about writing and wording so on. When I read Grant Davie my mind was clear about effective writing and I realized that I used this skill in my past writing but I was unware of that. I’m going to refer my writing experience in the past. I used some rhetorical analysis and elements in my essays. In this response paper, I would like to talk about my writing experience analyzed to rhetorical situation which are exigence, rhetor, audience…show more content…
I took these several times and I failed a lot of times. However, every time I studied a lot for next exam and I never gave up. Last change to took this exam I passed. Thus, this examination was shaped my personality appropriately. Although, it was hard but I believe that I can write better if I compared my old essay to news. The happiness of passing the IELTS exam, I have never forgotten this memory. I want to mention that rhetorical situation in my writing experience. First of all, exigence means that a need, a gap something like that so exigence is a reason why we write and what it triggers in our writing. The exigence includes my education life. I had to pass IELTS exam so this situation was triggered to me. Secondly, rhetor is important in rhetorical situation. They can write whatever they want with several constraints. They avoid stating the same opinion again and again. They should use different comments and different words. In my writing experience, I am rhetor because I told something in my mind and sometimes IRMAK
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