Rhetorical Analysis For Mad Men

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Argument Analysis The beloved television show, Mad Men, always pitches new ideas to their audience and to their clients. The characters are all a part of a small advertising agency in nineteen sixty-seven, on the brink of expanding into the car business. The characters of Mad Men are always trying to sell something however, usually they don’t try to sell their own beautiful employees. . Herb Rennet subtly demands their help of having a night with Joan. After having dinner with Herb Rennet, a member of the selection committee for Jaguar, Pete Campbell realizes the agency will never acquire the coveted client, Jaguar without the help of Joan, a beautiful redheaded employee Pete Campbell, a partner of this firm is quick to pitch the idea to…show more content…
He first uses pathos appealing to her emotions. First, Pete Campbell slithers in Joan’s office not without hope they can come to some sort of arrangement. He first appeals to her empathetic side. Campbell walks in and says “help me deliver the bad news”. He walks in wanting to seem like a friend, not a business man. He also doesn’t tell her what the condition is. He grabs her interest and gets her genuinely concerned about it before he even tells her what it is. He even says that it is something they “are not prepared to give.” Which is definitely not true. Why would Campbell be in there if he wasn’t trying to persuade her? Campbell is setting her up for his big pitch. Campbell wants her to see him in a vulnerable position so he can argue the…show more content…
Campbell must make the night with Herb Rennet justifiable. Campbell finally states the argument. “Herb Rennet, you know the handsome guy” he wants to spend the night with you. Joan face is shocked and dismayed. She immediately says no way. Campbell knowing she would react like that says he knows she would never do it. However, Campbell then goes on to say does seem like some things would be worth “sacrifice”. That people make mistakes for free all the time and it is only one night after all. Joan continues to refuse and Campbell continues to act like he is agreeing with her. He even mentions Cleopatra at one point saying essentially you can be a queen too. Campbell is trying to appeal to Joan’s ethics. Campbell knows that if she does accept it Joan has to be able to justify her actions. Campbell mentions the money but he focuses on the morality situation. This is the sixties even discussing such a thing was wrong. Campbell doesn’t focus on that. He came in as a friend so he could get to this point. Look I know this is wrong but, doesn’t this seem worth it. Sometimes morality can be sacrifice. Pete then walks out soon after saying it was an “act of desperation”. This is also him trying to persuade Joan. I did something against my morals you can too. After Campbell’s pitch he leaves Joan’s office. Now Joan is not convinced but, she is clearly showing interest. She doesn’t come right out and say no I would never do it; instead
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