Rhetorical Analysis For The Black Cat

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The focus of my presentation will explore the alterations in tone and tension of the short story, ‘The Black Cat’ by observing the events, atmosphere, relationships and words used by the author.

Edgar Allan Poe’s ‘The Black Cat’ is a short story, narrated from the perspective of an alcoholic and delirious man. From the initial portion of the story, it is directly explained that this man will die the following day, however the reason of his death is remained secret until the conclusion of the story. The unknown and mysterious narrator then states the last series of events he experienced and describes them as horrifying and unforgettable. He doesn’t expect the audience to believe him as these disturbing
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His path only grows darker as he proceeds from verbally mistreating his wife to physically abusing her. The love and tenderness of his pets began to vanish and not only neglected them but placed them through maltreatment as well. Regardless, we observe his favourite cat, Pluto didn’t directly experience the man’s aggressive conduct until a later night, although Pluto is still aware of the man’s actions. As the man returned home, intoxicated by the alcohol he had consumed in town, he noticed that Pluto evaded his presence. Frustrated by this act, the man attempted to seize the old black cat but was responded with a wound in his hand instead. Enragement and fury occupied his darkened mind, leading him to cut one of the cat’s eyes. The following morning, the sober man deeply regretted his decisions yet it didn’t stop him from drinking. It was clear to the audience that their relationship had now changed as the cat continued to avoid the man. This only brought irritation upon him, leading to the hanging of the cat from a tree. On the same night, the man’s house burns down and takes away all his possessions. A figure of a cat can be seen on the last remaining
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