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The rhetorical analysis uses strategies for readers to point out the author’s main statements or arguments, that are written in their article or book, which can be more helpful for a better understanding. In Goode’s article, “More in College Seek Help For Psychological Problems,” she used a mixture of process analysis, cause and effect, logos, and ethos, which resulted in a outstanding article in the field of mental health. By using these strategies, Goode had accomplished of spreading the awareness of depression, stress, and high levels of anxiety among university students, and stopped the stigma of mental health, which produces a higher rate of graduates. The implication of my analysis was to recognize the message of Goode’s article and observe the use of strategies that were given in the rhetorical analysis. I gained the experience of writing a professional document, since I know the strategies of knowing if an article or text is a reliable source, which can be very useful in my other classes. If I am writing a research paper about depression, then I will implement the cause and effect…show more content…
By using cause and effect, Goode showed her readers that Precede-Proceed Mode is a way for them to understand the background of mental health, and what can lead to awful results if not being treated. Another successful strategy that is used by Goode, is ethos, because Goode has been in the mental health field for a long time, and has knowledge of every behavior disorder in the DSM 5. The DSM 5 is a book, which is serves as a universal authority for behavior disorder, as well as diagnosis and treatment recommendations. Since Goode has experience, she is a reliable source, if anyone wants to read about behavior disorders or is interesting of making a career in the mental

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