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Rhetorical Analysis My satirical piece is called “The Amazing Benefits of Being Homeless”. This comic depicts the positive aspects associated with homelessness instead of focusing on the negatives. In the comic, there are nine frames where the characters take a favorable viewpoint on this topic. In the first frame, you see that the two protagonists are both living in cardboard boxes. This portrays that they are obviously homeless; however, this doesn’t matter because life is all about perspective. In this frame, they talk about not having to pay house, utility, and insurance bills. Along with this, one character states they can move whenever and wherever they want without hiring someone to move their belongings. The second frame is in the…show more content…
This is where they find food for the day. They’re happy because they don’t have to do dishes and cook. They talk about not having to go shopping often, but if they did, they would already have a shopping cart. Assuming the stereotype that homeless people commonly store all of their belongings in one. The next frame is set in a city. The homeless people are on the sidewalk and are discussing not having the pressure of living the “American Dream” that most people in today’s society face as they simply do not care about prosperity and social status. They also talk about not having to explain their career to others because people generally do not aspire to become homeless. The sixth frame is set in the same location as the fifth. However, the law officers are actively forcing them to move off of the street. This isn’t the first encounter with the police as the comic implies that they know the officers well from previous meetings.
The next frame consists of the two homeless people moving. They are talking about exercise because they walk countless hours everyday. They also talk about some things they do in their free time. These examples include going to the library, reading, and sitting in on court cases in the
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