Rhetorical Analysis: I M Here Because I Love New Orleans

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“I’m here because I love New Orleans.” Although I can not personally resonate, the graduating class of Tulane University certainty can to this statement because they too share a love for New Orleans. By expressing her love, Ellen is trying to connect with her audience on a personal level. Because she says this towards the beginning of her speech, the audience becomes fully engaged making them want to hear what else she has to say. “...there must be a purpose” This is one statement that I think perfectly summarizes one of Ellen’s main message. Many people including Ellen face hardships and find themselves lost wondering how they can push forward. Ellen found herself in a situation questioning her fate and finally concluding that everything happens for a reason. Many people in the audience especially college students will certainly come across problems, so it is important for…show more content…
She then informs the audience about how she overcame everything even though she experienced self doubt to become who she had always wanted to be. Through this personal story shared by Ellen she delivers a primary message to the graduating class to always stay true to oneself and to not let anything or anyone hold them back from following their passions. C) Tulane University asked Ellen DeGeneres to speak at their graduation ceremony because she is a strong, well rounded, influential individual. She has the ability to captivate an audience and spread a powerful message, while incorporating humor. She is someone that not only college students, but everyone else in the audience can relate two. Her persona is liked by all making her the perfect person to deliver a commencement speech. D) The objective was reached. As an audience I was moved and entertained by her speech, while taking away a powerful idea that motivated me to always following my dreams while being
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