Rhetorical Analysis I Want A Wife

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Is it the wife's job to carry out the daily duties of the house? Is it expected that the wife do all the work around the house? In the article “Why I Want a Wife” by Judy Brady she talks about everything she does as a wife and a mother. She explains the hardships she endures by doing these things everyday. Judy Brady uses the rhetorical techniques such as ethos, logos, and pathos to support her article, along with connecting personally with the reader. Right away Judy Brady uses ethos. In paragraph one Judy Brady says “ I am wife” and she says “I am a mother”. By Judy Brady vocalizing this she is establishing that personal connection with all the mothers and wives that read the article. Along with this it also shows the reader that she…show more content…
Judy Brady talks about all the hardships she endures everyday by being a mother and a wife; she is saying this so her readers empathize with her and all the work she has to do. Paragraph seven uses Pathos in the entire paragraph. Judy Brady is explaining that she wishes she had a wife who could please her sexaul needs whenever she feels like it. Brady wants someone who “makes sure I am satisfied”. [230] She goes on to say that she wants someone who understand that her sexual needs may pertain to monogamy, but the wife must stay faithful. With the use of pathos in this paragraph showing how rough it is for the wife the readers feel for Brady, and take her side. In paragraph two Brady uses pathos to connect with the reader through her emotions. She begins by using sarcasm to show how she feels about her friend that is fresh off a divorce, who does not have custody of his child, and is looking for a new wife while his ex-wife must deal with the child. She also uses humor with the sarcasm to almost ease the reader into the article and get them hooked into the reading.
Finally Judy Brady uses logos; Brady uses one strong example of logos in this article; “My god, who would not want a wife?” {230} Brady ends the article with this question so the reader really thinks about everything she said in the article. It also really sums up all the work she feels like herself as a mother does, and to show why in her opinion wives and mothers
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