Rhetorical Analysis: In The Army Air Force

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To appeal to logos she uses a fair amount of facts and statistics, “In the Army Air Forces, or AAF, there were 52,651 stateside aircraft accidents over the course of the war, killing 14,903 personnel. Though some of these personnel were probably on coastal patrol and other duties, it can be presumed that the vast majority were trainees, killed without ever seeing a combat theater. In the three months in which Phil’s men trained as a crew, 3,041 AAF planes--more than 33 per day--met with accidents stateside, killing nine men per day. In subsequent months, death tallies exceeding 500 were common. In August 1943, 590 airmen would die stateside, 19 per day (61).” This rather large quote establishes logos due to her use of statistics and numbers.
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