Rhetorical Analysis Interview

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College Q&A Tega Orhorhoro Summary We conducted a two hour interview with three well rounded Wayne state students to learn about their experience in college and how they take on everyday challenges as a college student. Two out of our three interviewers are from the APEX program and have taken part in the summer bridge. We interviewed an English major who was also one of our tutor for writing class. They talk about what is like to work on campus as a freshman and how much it really takes out of your life. They go into very deep detail about how they deal with stress when you have a paper due because you will need to take your time and relax, classes are very hard for them too and about their social life because they want us to have a good understanding of who they are as people. They all talked about their freshman year at Wayne state because we are incoming freshman and how they had to…show more content…
You should also eat very healthy because a healthy body is a healthy mind, you will not be falling asleep in class. I know that high school didn’t really get me ready for college at all because I came here not being well set up. I learned that APEX really helps a lot people to be very success in college. I know that when I am note taking that I will use Cornell style and my own form of note taking. I know that outlining and main ideas of a lecture will help me when I will be review for a test. Taking break is key when writing a paper or anything. They longest that a college student we interviewed went without sleep was three days. Technology is a key for everything in college because without it you can not write any papers at all, laptops are the number thing that every college student will use. The way that I will have to talk to my teachers is saying hello and going to office hours where I can really focus about whatever I may need to
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