Rhetorical Analysis: Is Google Making USupid?

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In this day and age, almost every single person uses technology in some way. It has become a necessity for a human to survive. The pace of technological advances has immensely increased over the last few decades to ease our lives and provide us more opportunities. Though it is undeniable that technology has changed our lives, tech critics argue that the Internet and other related technological gadgets have a deleterious effect on the human brain performance. However, the new advancement of technology has brought us a new kind of intelligence making us smarter and has made complexity simpler than ever. The existence of technology has made a difference in the generation we live in by transforming global development, improving people’s lives,…show more content…
Throughout his article, “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” he feels that “the deep reading that used to come naturally has become a struggle” due to the rise of the internet (1). Carr assumes that the Internet has debilitated human’s critical thinking. His attempts through logos can be seen throughout the article as he provides many excerpts from books to prove there are people that share similar experiences as he. However, not only is Carr wrong but he misreads his evidence. Rather than supporting his own argument, the information he provides to the audience focuses more on how distractions have led to a decline in critical thinking. Nevertheless, focus is definite and “every time you focus your attention you use a measurable amount of glucose and other metabolic resources” which causes people in any type of situation to be less effective at the next task (Rock). Attention is a limited source and as the brain focuses more mentally on a task such as reading a lengthy article, the brain takes up more energy and needs to take a break. Although tech critics like Carr blame technology for degrading our intelligence, they neglect to discuss how it has enhanced people’s
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