Rhetorical Analysis Jane Goodall

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In the beginning of the first paragraph, there was an intentional structure that created a pace and emphasized important ideas. Within this structure Goodall utilizes specific diction such as "disruption, killed, and death" to appeal to the readers emotions. Also when Goodall uses the word "their death" (paragraph 1, last sentence) she makes a direct allusion to the victim. Throughout the text Jane uses the words "manner of creatures "(paragraph 5, 5th sentence) to appeal to the reader's logic. She mainly uses these words to provide the readers with more information and to make sure their sentiments are going in the right direction. At last Goodall opens with a rhetorical question to make the readers think about the issue and not make them feel excluded.…show more content…
Then, Goodall uses the phrase "There are many ethical issues, which we seldom face up to, whenever an animal is killed" (paragraph 11,first sentence) he utilizes these words to empower and motivate the readers to think more in depth about the issue and also to make some changes. While Goodall states her point of view she builds a strong relationship with the audience. This text is extremely effective because it gives the audience and future readers a backdrop of trophy hunting. Jane Goodall does an excellent job in crafting her opinion to the readers, for she shows her sympathy and understanding of the issue through the use of

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