Rhetorical Analysis: Misunderstood

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“Ding!” somebody’s iPhone goes off everywhere people turn because everyone has an iPhone especially teenagers. Every year Apple comes out with a new and improved iPhone for consumers. The advertising of the new iPhone gets the audiences attention based on how well the commercial is, and it influences buyers to buy their new product. An Apple commercial during Christmas time of 2013 came out it was called “Misunderstood”. To market Apple’s targeted audience the company used persuasive marketing tools such as a strong use of emotions and identifying with viewers to make an effective commercial. Rhetorical concepts can help a company advertise their product by making a viewer feel certain emotions while watching their advertisement. These emotions make the audience want to buy the product the company is selling. For example the “Misunderstood” commercial uses pathos and ethos. Pathos is used in commercials by using feelings to influence the audience. The word ethos is translated from ancient Greek, and it means credibility. Syzmon Wrobel wrote in his polish sociological review that “Cumulatively, Aristotle says, persuasion is a…show more content…
The background Christmas music gives the audience a warm, loving, Christmas feel. The family clips that are shown in the video makes the viewers feel happy emotions because what is cuter than a baby looking at the lights on the christmas tree or happier than a hug from a grandpa? During the commercial when the teenager was with his grandma while she was baking it brings back memories with the audience remembering baking with grandma. Using rhetorical concepts, like pathos, in a commercial helps persuade the audience to feel certain emotions. The certain emotions that the commercial wanted the audience to feel was the warm, loving, family Christmas time
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