A Rhetorical Analysis Of A Designing Mind By Rosanna Warren

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Rhetorical Analysis
A Designing Mind is an article that was written by Rosanna Warren. This text was written to prove that the poems of Robert Frost said a lot more than what the surface suggests. This author goes into in-depth detail about each poem that she included giving the reader facts about his life and breaked down each poem. The author starts out by telling the reader how Robert Frost told several times that his poems were more “designing” than what people thought the author then looks at some of his poems like Nothing Gold Can Stay, The Oven Bird, A Designing Mind, as well as others. Some may say that poetry is a dying language and that it is hard to understand however Rosanna Warren proves otherwise and explains each poem to where almost anyone could understand. She also gives the reader a look into the mind of the poet Robert Frost.
Rosanna Warren is a writer and a poet as well as a teacher at the University of Chicago. The author seems to be very engaged in the topic not only because she is a poet but also because she goes into a lot of detail making sure that the person reading the article would be able to understand Robert Frost's poems. She
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Knowing that the author is a poet helps the reader understand the text a little better because sometimes poets can understand poems a lot better and therefore can explain them better. Rosanna Warren does a good job of taking the reader inside the mind of Robert Frost making it to where the reader can feel and see where each poem come from. This is especially seen in the poem Nothing Gold Can Stay where she tells you the background and then explains the poem into with the reader can actually see that this poem was made through sadness. Throughout the article, the author uses historical facts, rhyme schemes, stanzas and the poems themselves to prove her
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