Rhetorical Analysis Of A More Perfect Union

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Former president Barack Obama, in order to regain voters after a huge controversy during his 2008 presidential campaign regarding things his pastor said used numerous rhetorical strategies to persuade his voters. Obama had to persuade his voters to stick with him. Obama used repetition, allusion and many others to get his point across to the audience. In his speech in which he is talking on racism and cultural differences he uses repetition to further emphasize his point. He talks about wanting a “more just, more equal, more free … America.”(Obama “A More Perfect Union”) Obama is emphasizing that he wants an America that is better for everyone and how to achieve an America that is more just, equal, and free.The point Obama is trying to accentuate is that he wants a better…show more content…
Obama’s use of ethos and pathos in his “A More Perfect Union” speech further helps to persuade his voters to stick with him because he does not have the same views as Reverend Wright. It gives some context as to why some African-Americans feel the way they do towards the government and other races. In his speech Obama also uses irony by noting the old truism that the “most segregated hour in American life occurs on sunday morning” meaning that on a day that's supposed to be dedicated to love and God, the American people are still segregated and racially divided whether it be Black and White or Latino and Asian(Obama). The combined use of ethos, pathos, and irony strengthen Obama's message of unity and equality. In Obama’s “ A More Perfect Union” speech he uses rhetorical strategies.Obama is acknowledging the current state of America, the good and the bad and how we could all help to make it better. He uses repetition, allusion, and many more to convince the American people that if they want a better America for everyone to vote for
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