Rhetorical Analysis Of A Restaurant

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For my rhetorical analysis assignment, my group had to write about a restaurant or public place where people would eat food. I chose to write about the University of South Alabama Cafeteria, also known as the Cafe. I went to the cafeteria and observed my surroundings and I myself also ate as well. I then wrote about the positives and the negatives of eating in the school’s cafeteria. While I wrote about what I observed that day in the cafe, I used three strategies of writing. By using the strategies of imagery, content, and tone a specific mood was created. In my descriptions, the use of imagery helps create a vivid image of what the cafeteria is to me. For example, when I describe the multiple smells that immediately hit my nose once I walk up the stairs and I…show more content…
I intentionally left out certain details in my descriptions to help create an emotional appeal. For example, I did not want to write about how long the walk is to the cafe and I did not want to talk about how the weather also affects the walk in the positive description. I did this because I did not want to say that the walk to the cafe is long as a turn off for the positive description. I furthermore did not talk about how the cafe offers a to-go-box option in the negative description. I did this because having a to-go-box is pointless if the food is not good. Basically the food is not worth taking back to your dorm room to eat. The tone used in the descriptions was also used to evoke a certain feeling. For example, in the positive description you can tell that I am excited that it is fried chicken Wednesday. I did this because I wanted to show that the cafeteria is an exciting place when they serve up fried chicken. Another example is, while I got to eat such a delicious meal I could not help but overhear the group of cackling females next to me. In the negative paragraph I said that to be sarcastic to create a negative, but yet a funny
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