Rhetorical Analysis Of A Salesman's 'Addition'

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The author of the text is a Male, a teenager, probably an undergraduate university student, who is trying to be independent and getting his first job. However, his first job hunt is not only affected by lack of experience but also his psychological fear. What is meant here is the fact that the narrator uses his journal book to share his thoughts, feelings and emotions with someone or at least, to express all his thoughts and emotions. He does it with the purpose to express his success and failures in life. This is a characteristic of a typical freshman university student, who is trying to fit in in the new independent life style. Therefore, it is possible to presume that the narrator is a boy on his late teens. In Addition, his narration is closely intertwined with his friends, whose names were not provided, being the biggest motivator to his first job Hunt. In such a way, writing on his journal becomes the means to express his emotions and experiences on paper. In such a context, the audience of the author is indefinite. To make it more precise, the journal is destined to the narrator himself rather than to anyone else. However, probably the narrator hopes secretly that someone, for instance younger siblings or new freshman’s will read the journal someday. Alternatively, the author probably intends to share his experience…show more content…
What is meant here is the fact that the rhetorical analysis uncovers the extent to which the text is personal to the narrator because the text is a Journal, where the author conveys his personal experience, feelings and emotions. At the same time, the rhetorical analysis reveals the full extent to which the text is important to the narrator as a form of self-expression and the means to understand
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