Rhetorical Analysis Of A Time For Choosing

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Vargas 5 Ronald Reagan: America’s Leading Man Ronald Reagan, only movie actor to become president, was recognized for his conservative republicanism, fervent anticommunism, policies contributing to demise of the Soviet Union, appealing personal style, skilled as an orator which earned him the title “Great Communicator.” (Britannica) However, Reagan didn’t get this recognition easily, he worked really hard to get to there. Reagan got his start in politics in a televised 1964 address. In this address he makes a sweeping critique of liberalism, big government, and federal payments. (Encyclopedia) In this speech, known as “A Time for Choosing” Reagan used logos, pathos, and mood to invoke people’s feelings about making the right choice when choosing their leader in order for society to have a stronger and successful future. Historical background…show more content…
He wanted to, in his own words, demonstrate to the people that he cared for them and so did Goldwater. It was important for Reagan to bring up the important issues the U.S were going through and giving two solutions, however, one was the solution of Goldwater and the other of Lyndon B. Johnson. Before giving his most famous speech, Reagan correctly outlined two possible paths for the U.S. (A Time for Choosing- Really) One of the paths was for government to have more control, meanwhile the other path was for the states to have more
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