Rhetorical Analysis Of A World Hunger Advertisement

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Rhetorical Analysis As for being in a privalged country, society does not pay much attention to the deeper meaning in things. Almost everyone, besides my grandparents have smart phones, and almost everyone has acess to the internet. Citizens rarely look for the deeper meaning in life’s pictures because our nation is wrapped up in our technicological advances and how we can make everything faster, easier, simpler, and make this country lazier and dull minded. When assigned a rhetorical analysis, I was kind of struggling to find a picture that spoke to me, when scrolling through, this image popped up and fit perfect with the argument that the great U. S. of A. doesn’t always pay attention to what is important to the rest of the world and what…show more content…
She is sickly looking, not model thin, but near death thin, her face looks frustrated and angry, She looks disappointed and starved. She looks so upset that well developed countries have given up on developing Africa and making is all it could be. As a nation, we are so patriotized and self centered in the fact that when this ad is shown it is clear that no one will text the number in the corner with their shiny smartphone when all this women in the picture just wants a bowl of rice and clean water. It appeals to emotion by making viewers see the look on her face and how she isn’t Kardashian thin, but she is in fact sick and starving to death.It potrays that our country has it better than any of the third wolrd countries and we don’t care. Citizens realize and that the United States is so self absorbed into vanity and looking like a Kardashian or a Victorias Secret Angel to notice that people in third world countries would literally die to have meat on their bones to keep their bodies functioning and to keep them warm at night because blankets are scarce. I see a woman in traditional African dress with a barren background starving to death and just wanting viewers to see that it costs less to buy African citizens a meal to keep them alive than it does to buy a white, shiny, new handbag that will be out of style when the next season changes. The handbag will go out of style in the…show more content…
America has this persona that the citizens are dumb, this pictures shows that the US does have a dumb side. The nation’s teens want to look like a sick african woman to be successful, but the starving african wants to look like someone my size. It is mind blowing how ideas can be reversed and how both sides don’t see health the same way. Americans put success with being thin and fragile, while the third world countries see being thin and fragile as death knocking on their door. In conclusion, logically it is just an advertisement for the latest handbag. Emotionally, this woman is sick and dying because she is so small and fragile, yet american women want to be her. Ethically, it is not okay to be that small no matter what country you are in and it is not okay to be that sick. Th ey say a picture says a thousand words, and they are right. This picture speaks volumes about Americans and their idea of beauty and success. It also speaks very loudly about how third world countries need all the help they can get because no matter how hard they try, they can’t do it

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