Rhetorical Analysis Of Abraham Lincoln's The Second Inaugural Address

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Fighting for equality was a relevant theme in early America; however, fighting was only half the struggle, once you won what happened next was up to the leaders of the new system. In Abraham Lincoln’s speech “ The Second Inaugural Address”, America is nearing the end of the civil war and Lincoln explains what should happen next as their victory approaches. Through the use of rhetorical strategies such as diction, allusion, and syntax the audience connects to Lincoln and his statements while understanding the great capability of America. Throughout Lincolns Speech he often times alludes to references the general population knows about so they can connect to him and his statements while receiving a greater knowledge of his purpose. The Bible…show more content…
His speech comes in a variety of statements ranging short to long and contains 3 paragraphs. However, the second paragraph takes up the majority of the speech and contains many the different sentences. In the begging Lincoln states straight short fact but as he continues his conversation the tone switches to a religious one. As the subject of God and the Bible is brought into perspective the sentences start to receive a longer length, questions are being asked, and Lincoln starts showing his frustration toward the subject. This structure is important because Lincoln starts off with the facts and then discusses the topic if he were to do it any other way the audience would be left confused and wouldn’t understand his overall purpose toward the fight. Another example of syntax would be the last paragraph, which is one long sentence. This last statement is put in one sentence to show the passion in Lincoln, but also the hope he has for America in its healing process. This statement can’t be split, it must stand together or it will lose its value. The togetherness of the structure then gives the audience a lasting and energized effect. Lincoln says what he says in a purposeful manner to demonstrate he cares and wants America to the best it can
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