Rhetorical Analysis Of Address To The Colonization Society

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Addressing the Address to the Colonization Society WIlliam Lloyd Garrison in his speech, Address to the Colonization Society, asserts that slavery in America is at the fault of the entire population, and it needs to be put to an end in a strategic, but time efficient, manner. Garrison supports his claim by utilizing logos, cumulative sentences, and appealing to pathos through a focus on both patriotism and religion. The author’s purpose is to show that the slavery is a wrongdoing by the entirety of America so that the North may realize by not actively pressing for an end of slavery, they are essentially just as bad as the individuals that own slaves. The author writes in determined tone for the Colonization Society. William Lloyd Garrison…show more content…
In the face of social epidemic that has taken over the entirety of a nation, Garrison feels the only way to advance the society’s moral compass is to solicit the feeling of guilt, “I despise the littleness of that patriotism which blusters only its own rights, and, stretched to utmost dimensions, scarcely covers its native territory.” This was done so the nation may feel ashamed of how little they have contributed to the nation. Garrison knows that the Colonization Society wants better for the country; however, he feels that what they are doing is not enough in regards to freeing, and later integrating and accepting, African American Slaves. Garrison wants to guilt the organization into doing more so the end to slavery in America may occur at a faster pace than they are going at now. Moreover, Garrison establishes dominance over the audience in order for him to ensure and overwhelming feeling of guilt by use of a concrete diction in stating, “that it is the duty of every nation primarily to administer relief to its own necessities.” Garrison’s specific use of “duty” was utilized so that his audience is made aware that by them not actively pushing for the freedom of slavery, they are personally hindering America’s ability to be the best country that it could
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