Rhetorical Analysis Of American Apparel Advertising

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Sex Posters
Everything around us has a massage. Every object, poster or idea has a message or a meaning to someone. Every person can soak in that meaning in their own way. During the past weeks of class, we have learned different rhetorical ways writers and advertisers use to manipulate our thinking. American Apparel, one clothing company based in America, uses advertisements to do just that. These advertisements set into the world by American Apparel look normal on the outside. In reality, they have underlying messages. I have chosen two advertisements that American Apparel actually used to advertise their store. The first advisement piece I will call “Now Open” because that is exactly what the poster says. This poster uses more in depth
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There clothes are speaking to the logos rhetorical term. It makes sense because American Apparel is a brand that sells modern clothing and shoes and that is what the models are wearing. This is also building credibility or ethos because the logo matches the type of clothes the models are wearing. Also, American Apparel is owning this advertisement, not like the first one, because the letters are big and bold. The text is also in the middle of the advertisement. They are owning their products they are selling in this advertisement help making the poster more…show more content…
I say this because when I picked out this advertisement I thought that the clothes he is wearing were nice. I did not even notice that a girl had her legs split open by a guy. I also did not notice that the logo was over the guy’s private parts. After looking at the picture multiple times, I noticed these things and I thought the message changed. To me after I noticed these things it did not work. It now says, to me, that American Apparel wants their clothes to be associated with sex and not how good of quality or how good their clothes look on people. This poster actually fits with the advertisement. This does fit the normal clothing advertisement because they are wearing actually clothes. It also fits the first advertisement by American Apparel because they both have girl’s legs split open. It is kind of odd how the model is handling the girl but this seems to be a normal for American Apparel because it is a pattern in other advertisements by them. American Apparel is an American company that wants to get their product in the world. They do this by making these posters to hang up. These posters have proper and underlying messages in them. It is up to the audience to choose what way they want to look at the posters. Maybe someone else will read and analyzed the posters different than me. That is okay because after all, we will never know what the intended message and audience

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