Analysis Of Dreams Of My Mother By Anna March

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Anna March the writer of “Dreams of My Mother” inspires to see women as president some day. March and her grandmother want to fulfill the dreams of millions of women around the world and their own dreams of putting Hilary Clinton in office. The tragic event of March’s grandmother passing away triggers her to conduct an emotional driven text on how a specific race of people failed the country and her grandmother. In her essay “Dreams of My Mother”, Anna March primarily utilizes emotion to influence her readers to sway them towards her thoughts of why Hilary Clinton should have declared a win in the 2016 election and provoke the reader to reflect on their impression of the election.
March makes an announced statement in her essay Dreams of My Mother, she uses the most effective rhetorical
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She promotes to her audience “… how white men failed Hilary Clinton, failed the country – it was white men who gave Donald Trump his victory…” (8) March begins to get the audience’s attention by her intense remarks early into the article. As a white male reading this essay or someone that voted for Trump they feel attacked by this statement. Therefore, this statement makes the attacked audience feel the same slap in the face; she felt when Hilary didn’t win the election, which provokes the readers, especially white men that voted for Trump to reevaluate their choice in voting for him. The audience’s emotions at this point in the article would portray extraordinarily high because of the emotionally driven words March choose to use. In the article Persuasive power, Kennedy reveals ” The persuasive power that is granted through the successful use of public speaking ideals and standards allows for people to take a leading role in their wants and
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