Rhetorical Analysis Of Anolik's How OJ Simpson Killed Pop Culture

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Popular culture is a combination of ideas, images and an array of people’s perspective to what they define as being the mainstream of a given culture. Over the years, this widely misinterpreted phenomenon has been heavily influenced by today’s mass media that permeates the everyday lives of society by altering our attitudes and perceptions towards certain topics. Subsequently, upon reading Anolik’s article titled, “How OJ Simpson Killed Pop Culture”, I second guessed myself to the sense that how can one individual disrupt an entire culture? Even though the article is about a famous football player who was allegedly charged for the murder of his ex-wife. Nevertheless, after constructive analysis of the article, one now can understand the author’s point of view of the situation, where she believes that OJ Simpson’s should also be accused for murder of pop culture. Therefore, by using different rhetorical strategies, the author’s use of the pathetic and logical appeals aided in her attempt of not only making her readers aware of her opinion on the case, but to convince them that its rapid popularity had massively influenced the media within a short time span. To support the argument Anolik’s has put forth in her narrative discourse, she cleverly utilized descriptive languages to make a pathetic appeal to her readers. This was achieved by using both figurative languages namely similes, personification, metaphor and use of rhetoric questions to not only attack the reader’s

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