Rhetorical Analysis Of Antony's Speech

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Antony’s Rhetoric In The Tragedy of Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare, rhetoric plays a powerful role. One of the most powerful users of rhetoric is Mark Antony. At no other time is Antony’s knowledge of rhetoric unleashed than during his speech at Caesar’s funeral. During his speech, Antony uses many different rhetorical strategies to persuade an entire crowd of Romans to turn against Brutus, a person who they loved and respected, and drive him out of Rome. Antony’s speech begins with him using verbal irony to deconstruct Brutus’ argument as well as a mix of logos and pathos to appeal to as many as possible. Throughout his speech, he also uses visual aids and figurative and physical language, as well as logos, ethos, and pathos to turn the hearts of as many men as possible. Antony is a master at knowing his audience, something that Brutus lacked. This is the reason Antony was able to turn the hearts of the Romans. Antony was closer with the plebeians than Brutus. Antony had run races at the feast of the Lupercal and was a familiar face. Brutus, while respected, was intelligent and only addressed the plebeians from a pulpit. Antony goes into the speech with the knowledge of what his audience is thinking and how to sway their hearts. He comes with visual aids and a clear purpose in his head. Antony wants revenge for Caesar and will use the citizens of Rome to achieve it. Antony knows the people will be set against him. In order the sway the hearts of these men he will
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