Rhetorical Analysis Of Apple's Envelope Advertisement)

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Rhetorical analysis (Apple's Envelope advertisement) Apple's "Envelope" advertisement is a 40-second commercial video; it talks mainly about the advent of the New MacBook Air, which is a slim laptop that Apple started to manufacture in 2008. (You Tube) This advertisement, which was produced by Steve Jobs, the previous CEO of Apple Company, was released on November 15, 2008. (Stern) The ad's synopsis was that a human's hand opens a manila envelope that contains a tiny paper cut out of a laptop, and gets this tiny paper out and places it on top of the envelope and then opens and closes the lid of the laptop. The commercial’s main purpose was to persuade its audience who are young and professionals who look for convenience, entertainment, and fashion of a thin portable laptop. The advertisement employs visual effects, credibility, metaphors, and logos to persuade customers of buying Apple’s product. To begin with, Apple chose an excellent strategy, which is visual effects, to attract customers to the laptops; it emphasizes the slimness, the simplicity, and the lightness of the laptop. The advertisement uses many symbols to persuade the audience with the product and clarify the company's…show more content…
The lyrics of the song which was playing in the background of the ad plays an important role in convincing audience with the product as it is mentioned in the song for Yael Naim" I'm a new soul I came to this strange world hoping I could learn a bit about how to give and take". This part of the song exemplifies the advent of a laptop as an innocent, beautiful, and fresh ba-by that has just been born and come out to the world to learn and interact with the people around him. The commercial attracted also the viewers with the quiet music that has beautiful words which makes the customers feel relaxed and enthusiastic when they watch the

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