Rhetorical Analysis Of Ar 'N' T I A Woman

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In 1851 former slave woman known by the name of Sojourner Truth gave her infamous speech “Ar’n’t I a Woman?” in Akron, Ohio. In her speech she talks about the inequalities blacks in America were facing at the time and she even goes far as to break it down between men and women and blacks and whites. In this essay I will give a detailed encounter of how Truth uses rhetorical strategies to convey a point to her audience. I will analyze the purpose of the speech, the context, what did Truth want the audience to learn, and also how does she deliver her speech. This speech was intended for all women in America because just like African Americans women did not have the same rights as men did. Many people in the audience were white women with a few black and white men there also. Her speech was also intended for those who were educated and those who were not as educated. The language and context she uses makes it easy for her audience to understand what is being said. The purpose of the entire speech is to get other to understand that women were created to be just as equal as men. She does this by using her own personal experiences and using the bible as a way to connect with her audience. For example…show more content…
Her message includes the injustices of inequality between sexes and races. Although few people in the audience were not open minded to an African American woman speaking she had a way with her words to touch each person emotionally or spiritually with her speech. She does this by using her personal experiences and biblical references to reach all in the audience. The final outcome out her speech was a huge success despite the time it was given because in present day America we now have people to advocate for the equality of all people. Her speech gave the people of America a desire to change for a better
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