Rhetorical Analysis Of Barack Obama's I Have A Dream Speech

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Senator and Presidential candidate Barack Obama was speaking on his behalf in his speech on race to all potential Voters of the 2008 presidential election. He wanted to respond to reverend wright's comments on race as well as it was urgent for him to save his reputation and his campaign, his purpose was to be a part of a more perfect union and gain more voters and to make America more peaceful and respectful. Most perceived him as being racist and Anti-American because of his reverend’s racist remarks and he wanted to prove all of America wrong. He worked hard to try to get equality, freedom, and respect for all. Many people viewed it as a step to equality but he viewed it as a step for equality. He continues this theme…show more content…
and his I Have A Dream speech. They both talked about race and how we shouldn't be judged by a physical appearance and we should worry about bigger things and not so much on the little things in life. He worked hard to try and get equality for all and make America more respectful and make it a great place to live. He knew he would have problems going into this campaign because he was African American and of the racist remarks reverend wright had said and wanted to say that he wasn't agreeing with anything the rev. Had to say about race and being Anti-American he wanted to prove America wrong and that he could be this country's next president. He comes to say that we as American have to be respectful to one another and that we shouldn't worry about the color of our skin but instead we should work to get great education for our children and improve our jobs and have better healthcare for those who do not or can not afford it. He also addresses that all those men and women who have fought in our battles, battles that shouldn't of evened happened it's time to give back to them and bring them back to be with their families and caring for them and their families and show them our respect and how thankful we are for them having to risk their lives so we could have a better
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