Rhetorical Analysis Of Barack Obama's Roles Of Women

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In his exclusive essay for Glamour, former president Barack Obama shares his views as a feminist, as well as how it has impacted his life as a son, husband, father, and president. He states how growing up with a single mother, supporting his wife, and raising two daughters has inspired and formed his views as a feminist. Throughout his life, he has seen the progress of women’s role in society enhance over time and he claims that right now is an “extraordinary time to be a woman”. Though there is still room for improvement on women 's rights, our country has made great progress in the act of women’s rights, according to Obama. During his presidency, he admits that he was working on creating policies to create further equality for women and their rights. Policies such as equal pay, equal work, and protection of the reproductive rights of women. With the use of various rhetorical strategies, he is able to express his perspective through his personal experiences…show more content…
As stated earlier, Obama shares his personal experiences of growing up with his grandmother and a single mother and witnessing the roles of women flourish since then. By comparing and contrasting the roles of women from earlier times to the current roles of women in society, the audience is able to grasp the progress that women have made over time, as well as the way women are viewed and treated. “In my lifetime we’ve gone from a job market that basically confined women to a handful of often poorly paid positions to a moment when women not only make up roughly half of the workforce but are leading in every sector, from sports to space, from Hollywood to the Supreme Court”. As he describes, women used to only be exposed to a few jobs that provided little financial benefits for them, compared to today, where women are successful in pursuing careers high up in the business industry, government, professional sports
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