Barack Obama Speech On Inequality

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Inequality has been acknowledged by many as inequality has plagued our human society for hundred if not thousands of years. Obama in his speech addressed the people of the country about the inequality and dangers that this country has faced in the past and problems that the country will possibly face in the future. Obama will Include speaking about how inequality has affected the country and the people of the country many years ago and the problem that has yet to be fixed today. This analysis of Barack Obama’s speech on inequality is to find out the purpose and effectiveness of Obama’s speech about how he speaks of inequality and how he can address the nation. In the beginning of Obama’s speech, he starts with the use of pathos because Obama’s…show more content…
Abit of Ethos by Obama as he credits that Abraham Lincoln was the first to start a system of grants to poor people to enter into college to gain fair college experience. Then referred to Teddy Roosevelt which fought for a lower class people who were exploited by monopolies that had a high rising price but low wages for workers. Alongside fighting for social security rights and insurance for many unemployed workers. Obama went right back to the path of pathos about how the new deal started the war on poverty and how the society would rise back up to build a powerful middle class. Even with much more prosperity than before Obama went to speak out about how racial discrimination is still a problem we are unable to face in our society today. Women’s rights are still discriminated against and minorities are still faced with struggles that hinder them from fully participating in the economy. Obama went into reasoning how the past was filled with inequality that is affecting many people as the top ten percent rich takes more than a third of the country's riches and housing while the poor are not advancing at all. And comparing now to today how the gap between
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