Rhetorical Analysis Of Ben Franklin's Pax Queritur Bello

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When the letter, “Pax Queritur Bello” was created by Ben Franklin, Britain was in the midst of discussion on enacting the Stamp Act which would places taxes on all papers. It was before this moment that numerous Americans were becoming rebellious to the mother country because of how they were being treated. Multiple taxes, fees, and prejudicial acts were being placed upon the American people causing aggression between the colonies and Great Britain. Furthermore, they had used their own rights as reason to the idea that they are being treated unfairly. As displeasure flourished throughout America, Ben Franklin decided to write a letter claiming that Britain should continue to use their colonies in any matter they please; however, the fate of …show more content…

One of the multiple strategies he utilizes is logos: as he includes logic into his letter by claiming statements and events that have occurred. This strategy was used because Ben Franklin wanted his letter to seem realistic and logical. The author additionally decides to include Ethos to pretend that he is on the same side as the British. Therefore, by using what would be considered, “logical” to the British, he states their standards and appeals to the Britain lawmakers by displaying his loyalty. Continuing, it could be inferred that Ben Franklin is using Pathos by acting as if he naturally hates the Americans and desires to ruin them. Throughout the letter, Ben Franklin sounds like a patriot of Great Britain by insulting Americans and giving them ideas of what to do to them. Although, as Franklin includes ideas in his letter, he additionally incorporates counterpoints that would make him sound like he is trying to help. For example, Franklin claims that the laws of the conqueror are just; however, it is possible that such laws could be contrary to the laws of mankind, ultimately contradicting what he first claimed. Towards the end of the letter, Ben Franklin includes a paradox by claiming that Britain should massacre the Americans as they can bring in citizens from Britain so there wouldn’t be any rebellious acts. However, he

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